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  • Food connoisseurs appreciate the robust flavors created through unique food prep and fermentation processes, the LG Kimchi and Specialty Food refrigerator features a unique lactic acid option that automatically adjusts temperatures to enhance and increase the production of lactic acid bacteria that are key to fermented foods
  • With the ability to create precise temperature zones, the superior LG cooling system aids in flavor development
  • Keep your fruits sweeter, your seafood fresher, your kimchi tastier, the LG Kimchi and Specialty Food refrigerator includes a freshness guard cover that reduces cold air loss and keeps moisture in, enhancing the flavor of your specialty foods
  • LG's innovative Cooling Care system creates ideal storage for kimchi and other specialty foods that require specific cooling environments
  • Supplies cold air every 6-minutes through 20 air vents located throughout the refrigerator to keep internal temperature consistent and reduce fluctuation
  • In addition to kimchi, store seafood, select wines, cheese and other perishables with a force-air circulation system that's perfect for preserving specialty foods with specific temperature and storage requirements
  • Your food isn't the only thing that stays fresh, only LG offers a 1 layer Fresh Air Filter with dedicated fan that pushes cleaner, fresher air into the fridge
  • Versatile enough to meet your individual storage needs, temperature settings for the LG Kimchi and Specialty Food refrigerator let you create customized cooling zones for long-lasting freshnes, Store meats and seafood in the mid-section of your refrigerator at a crisp 27° while keeping fruits and vegetables comfortable in the lower section at preferred temperatures up to 38°, Settings are easily adjusted to keep pace with your ever-changing menu
  • When you buy a refrigerator, you don't want to worry that it won't last, because the Linear Compressor motor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, LG confidently backs the motor with a 10-year limited warranty
  • ENERGY STAR qualified LG refrigerator exceeds federal energy standards to positively impact your energy bill, your energy consumption, and most importantly, the environment
  • Along with intense flavors, specialty foods often produce strong or pungent aroma, Fortunately, every LG Kimchi and Specialty Food refrigerator is equipped with customized storage containers that are 100% airtight to seal in the freshness while preventing aroma overload, with 14 containers in upright refrigerators and 8 in. chest models, both styles offer a generous 35 gal. of storage capacity-ample room for all of your favorites



Depth (Excluding Handles) : 31.5 in

Depth (Including Handles) : 31.5 in

Depth (Less Door) : 26.88 in

Depth With Door Open 90 Degrees (In) : 42.25

Height to Top of Door Hinge (in.) : 70.25 in

Height to Top of Refrigerator (in.) : 70.25 in

Product Depth (in.) : 31.5 in

Product Height (in.) : 70.25 in

Product Width (in.) : 29.5 in

Refrigerator Width (In.) : 29.5 in

LG Kimchi Refrigerator 14.3 cu - Platinum Silver

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