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Korea's famous refrigerator for Kimchi a staple Korean side-dish. Dimchae was originally invented to help Korean housewives create good-tasting Kimchi and store it for a long time.

Unlike regular refrigerators, Dimchae provides a mechanism for germentation that is needed for delicious Kimchi, and maintains an optimized temperature to keep the desired taste for a considerably longer time. with the effectiveness of strict temperature and humidity control, Dimchae is also an ideal appliance to keep other foods like vegetables, fish and meats fresher and longer than storing in a conventional refrigerator

Dimchae Top-Open Type Kimchi Refrigerator
DL22B-ESRS (221Liter)
Dimension : 40.94 (W) X 36.49 (H) X 24.21(D)
Weight (lbs.) : """
Shipping Weight(lbs.):"""
Containers: 8 Kimchi Fermenting Containers
(12.2 L x 6, 15.6 L x 2)
Color : Rope Silver

Temperature & Moisture Control System : Independent Cooling (2 Room), Direct Cooling System, Cold Air Curtain Zone
Kimchi Fermentation Mode :Health Care Fermentation Technology, Various Types of Kimchi Fermentation, One Night Fermentation
Storage Mode : Kimchi / Instant Kimchi / Long Term Storage, Vegetable & Fruit Mode, Chill Storage
Convenient Function : Defroster Function

DIMCHAE Kimchi Refrigerator 221L - Rope Silver

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